Walking along the Milford Track and what to expect

Arguably New Zealand’s most famous trek, the Milford Track is a magical path, which will afford you views of some of the most stunning scenery you could ever wish to witness. Nestled in the enchanting Fiordland National Park, the Milford Track is a must for anyone embarking on a personalised New Zealand holiday.

What’s so special about the Milford Track?

The Milford Track has been thrilling and beguiling visitors to New Zealand for over 150 years, yet the scenery remains as pristine as it has ever been. If you love to get out into the great outdoors, enjoy hiking or you’re simply keen to enjoy the natural wonders New Zealand has in abundance, you must make the trip to the Milford Track. You may have seen images in guidebooks or shots on Instagram, but nothing will prepare for the beauty of the scenery you’ll encounter on this mesmerising route. From snow-capped peaks to crystal clear waters and forest glades to thundering falls, you’ll see it all along the way.

Walking the Milford Track

The Milford Track stretches 53 kilometres and it will take you from the shores of Lake Te Anau to Sandfly Point, a stone’s throw from Milford Sound. The trek enables you to discover the wonders of Fiordland and you can choose how long you wish to take covering the sacred ground. Meander at your leisure, stopping off to enjoy the views and bedding down for a few nights en route or compress the action into a few days. Most people join guided tours, but it is possible to hike independently. To do this, you’ll need a permit.


The Milford Track is famous for many reasons, and you’ll be greeted with something special around almost every corner. Highlights you won’t want to miss include a scenic boat trip across Lake Te Anau and a visit to Lake Mintaro at the start of your trip. As you move towards Milford Sound, look out for the breathtaking Pompolona Ice Field and the amazing backdrop of the Clinton Valley. As you make your way to the Roaring Burn River, you’ll come across Arthur Valley, Mount Balloon and the Jervois Glacier before setting eyes on the ethereal, tranquil waters of Milford Sound. Before you reach Sandfly Point, where you can board a boat to navigate the sound, take a moment to appreciate the Sutherland Falls, New Zealand’s highest waterfalls.