Speed through the Shotover River on a jet boat

New Zealand is famed for its magical scenery and its ability to treat every visitor to a holiday that is packed with once in a lifetime experiences. If you thrive on an adrenaline rush or you’re eager to try new things on your tailor-made New Zealand holiday, you may be on the lookout for activities that will get your pulse racing. A jet boat tour of the Shotover River is just one of many action-packed adventures you can enjoy during your time in this incredible country.


Speeding though the Shotover River


A jet boat tour of the Shotover River is one of Queenstown’s most alluring prospects for the intrepid traveller. If you like thrills and spills, you love the feeling of travelling at speed and you can’t resist a bit of danger, this is the trip for you. During your trip, you’ll fly through the water at speeds of 85 kph, skimming the surface of the canyon walls, negotiating rocks and boulders, and making your way through gaps in the rock formations that look impossibly narrow on approach. This is a nerve-jangling, heartrate-raising experience which will stay with you forever.

Once you’ve navigated your way through the open waters of the Shotover River mouth, you’ll journey deep into the Shotover River canyons, and this is where the adventure really begins. You’ll ride the rapids, and your guide will change direction at the last second and whip the boat around unexpectedly to keep things interesting. The canyon walls will whizz by in a blur, and you’ll come across some incredible rock formations.

Your jet boat will be driven and handled by experienced tour operators, and you’ll be provided with all the safety equipment you need.


Planning your trip

The start point for your trip is located just 7km from Queenstown at Arthur’s Point. You can catch a shuttle bus from central Queenstown or hire a taxi if you prefer. Make sure you wrap up warm, regardless of the time of year. Each boat carries a maximum of 14 people and there’s plenty of space for spectators. If you want to remember the trip forever, you can buy souvenirs and mementos, including video footage of your jet boat experience and photographs taken during the tour by on-board cameras.


If you’re after some excitement on your New Zealand holiday, don’t miss out on the opportunity to ride the rapids of the Shotover River. You won’t regret it!