New Zealand triumphs in Daily Telegraph awards

The Daily Telegraph have named New Zealand as the best country in the world to visit for a record fifth year running.

Over 90,000 readers of the newspaper voted on the poll stating that the country exceeds expectations consistently. According to the paper, a big factor that plays a part in the country’s popularity amongst British holidaymakers is that New Zealand’s South Island reminds them of home! The beautiful countryside on the east coast is laden with cricket and rugby pitches which will make any Brit envision fields back home. Christchurch has even been described as ‘quintessentially English’ by New Zealanders. When you add to this the common sight of sheep grazing happily and Victorian Cathedrals standing proud, you’d be forgiven for thinking there isn’t any difference at all!

But there is of course a world of difference to explore in New Zealand. It is surely one of the most singularly unique landscapes on the planet. The contrasting vistas, cities and attractions ensured New Zealand was able to beat other countries also known for natural beauty in the form of the Maldives and South Africa, which came second and third respectively in the Telegraph’s 50 greatest countries list.

But it wasn’t just the familiarity that was praised by readers of the daily paper: travellers also singled out the hotels and airlines. Significantly, Air New Zealand also made the list of the top 10 long haul airlines, coming in fourth (while Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Qatar Airways made up the rest of the top three). It may be considered far away for many holidaymakers, but time flies when the service makes the journey so comfortable. So pack a bag, it’s unanimous: New Zealand is Number 1.