Exploring Waiotapu’s exciting geyser pools

New Zealand is a country blessed with an abundance of incredible geographical features. If you find yourself in Waiotapu while you’re exploring the North Island on your personalised New Zealand holiday, you won’t be disappointed. Here, you’ll find a magnificent collection of geyser pools and the country’s most colourful and exciting geothermal park.

Exploring Waiotapu’s exciting geysers

Waiotapu is easily accessible from both Rotorua and Lake Taupo, and the Thermal Wonderland is open all year-round. This unique location boasts New Zealand’s finest array of geysers and thermal pools, and you’ll be stunned at the sights you behold.

The main event is the Lady Knox Geyser show, which takes place every morning. Presented by enthusiastic staff, this thrilling demonstration will treat you to a spectacle you won’t forget. Watch in awe as the geyser spouts a torrent of thermal water up to 20 metres in the air. While you’re waiting for the show to unfold, the team will provide you with everything you need to know about the Lady Knox Geyser and the surrounding thermal park.

As you meander through the Thermal Wonderland, you’ll come across a diverse collection of vividly coloured natural pools, many of which will be bubbling away in front of your very eyes. Keep your eyes peeled for bright turquoise, serene green and icy grey pools as you walk through one of the country’s most expansive geothermal parks.

Another highlight you won’t want to miss on your travels is the giant mud pool. This is the largest mud pool in New Zealand and was formed when a vast mud volcano erupted in the 1920’s. Watch from the side as the mud bubbles and crackles and shoots into the air. Listen out for the unmistakable gurgling noises as you make your way through the site.

Planning your visit

Opening times vary according to the time of year, so check before you visit. The thermal pools can reach very high temperatures and there are risks associated with standing close to live geysers, so always stick to the designated paths. It’s best to wear long trousers and sturdy, comfortable shoes that cover your toes. It’s best to opt for trainers or walking shoes rather than flip-flops, pumps or heels for this trip. Stay behind the barriers for the shows and keep a safe distance when you’re looking at the pools.

Visiting Waiotapu geysers and thermal pools is must if you find yourself in the area on the North Island. It’s a trip you won’t forget.