Air New Zealand safety video goes viral

A new safety film developed by Air New Zealand and featuring Katie Holmes and Cuba Gooding Jr has gone viral on the internet after being released on YouTube earlier this month.

The video, which is called A Fantastical Journey and plays on the unique otherworldly atmosphere in New Zealand, is no ordinary inflight safety briefing: Air New Zealand’s creation is an enjoyable watch in its own right, as can be seen from the number of people that are watching and commenting on the video on social networks.

As well as being informative, Air New Zealand’s Global Brand & Content Marketing GM, Jodi Williams, explained that these videos have become a powerful way to promote the New Zealand brand around the world.

“The videos gave us the ability to take our brand globally. Now, it gets global attention that showcases our country and our airline. It goes beyond the safety video into a marketing campaign,” she said.

This isn’t the only quirky video that Williams and her team have produced to liven up what can typically be a fairly uninteresting affair. In the past, celebs from Bear Grylls and the cast of The Hobbit to the All Blacks doing a Men In Black spoof have all got involved, with very entertaining results.

All this, Williams said, is part and parcel of the New Zealand way of doing things.

“That’s in our DNA. Our spirit is innovative and we always challenge ourselves. We always look at unique and quirky ways of doing things. With an airline, there are some things you don’t touch, but this is one of the things you can have fun with while making your objectives,” she said.