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Food Experiences

Food Experiences in New Zealand

24 Sep, 2018

New Zealand is a country famed for breathtaking scenery and outdoor pursuits, but it also offers some incredible cultural experiences. Food plays an important role in the country’s heritage, and the contemporary gastronomy scene is thriving. Self-confessed foodies won’t find it … Continue reading

Top 5 Walks and Treks

Top Five Walks And Treks

10 Sep, 2018

Boasting 13 national parks, New Zealand is a wonderland for intrepid hikers looking to enjoy a stroll with a view. Both islands are packed with trails that treat visitors to incredible vistas, but there are certain routes that cannot be … Continue reading

Waiheke Island Winery

Wineries and Wine Routes in New Zealand

28 Aug, 2018

Visitors planning a trip to New Zealand may be conjuring up images of hot springs, imposing rock faces and impossibly clear glacial lakes, but this country isn’t just about outdoor pursuits and geographical marvels. New Zealand also has a vibrant … Continue reading

Waterfall in Franz Josef Glacier Valley

Top 5 Things to Do in South Island

13 Aug, 2018

There are very few places on earth that capture the imagination and awaken the senses quite like South Island of New Zealand. A mystical, majestic land, it is quite literally the scene of a fantasy novel. Putting an itinerary together … Continue reading

Visit Rotorua: The spa resort capital of New Zealand

Mother Nature

10 Jul, 2018

There are few places on earth where you feel the power and presence of Mother Nature more than New Zealand. This is a visually stunning country, made of two islands, which are packed to the rafters with a stunning array … Continue reading

South Island town set for international TV exposure

Top Three Scenic Rail Journeys

29 Jun, 2018

New Zealand is a country ripe for exploration and there are various options when it comes to getting around, including hiring a car, but one of the most scenic ways to travel is to take a train journey. New Zealand … Continue reading

New Zealand: Guide to Campervan Holidays

04 Jun, 2018

There are few places on earth that lend themselves to campervan holidays like New Zealand. A unique country that is positively bursting with natural wonders and geographical features that will blow your mind, there’s no better way to get around … Continue reading